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Navitent, Inc. is a minority and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Administered through a High Reliability Organization Public/Private Partnership framework, we give powerful insights and change impact features through our DeeperEngaged™ for Social Good HumanChangeSystems™ system. Whatever your goal or vision for change is, Navitent is your ‘GPS for Change.’


Haile Clay
Navitent, Inc.
Founder and CEO

Deliver a Zero Harm HRO Public/Private Trust Platform to Improve the Human Condition
My vision for Navitent HBIA is simple.  I envision the "Utility for Change™" we developed on Navitent.com as the foundation for Zero Cost, Zero IT Barrier realities for Zero Harm, High Reliability Organizational (Z3 Zero Harm* HRO™) frameworks within all public and private organizations acting for social good.  We'll accomplish this by using a public/private partnership and avoiding the unintended consequences, bias, or disparate impact that arise on today's pervasive platforms based on advertising or big data profit models.

Haile Clay has over 20 years of experience in fields applicable to his development of Navitent's DeeperIntel™, including in-process workflow improvement and implementation for the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Administration, in addition to his 17 years as a behavioral change software designer. Haile's experience in the US Army includes observing, controlling, and provide post mobilization mission training for Brigade Combat Teams and operations support for a Department of Defense Joint Forces Task Force in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Since 2014, Haile has worked with the U.S.Department of Veteran Affairs in support of the Veterans Health Administration in Human Resources, Mental Health Nursing administration (including Addiction Treatment Services, inpatient psychiatry, and residential, homeless, and substance abuse programs) as well as implementing and improving automated process applications and information technology coordination. Haile's extensive background working with military and government systems include Talent Management System (TMS) System Administration, Veterans Health Information System Technology Architecture (VistA), Performance Logic Inspection Environment of Care inspection rounds and reporting system, Bed Management System (BMS), Sharepoint sites, Computerized Patient Records System (CPRS), Shared Folder and File Exchange (SFFX), SOPs and Standard Works development, ePerformance and eProficiency, as well as physical asset management tools including Strategic Equipment Planning systems (SEPG) and Enterprise Equipment Request (EER).


Brian Golter
Impact Development Director
Brian has dedicated ten years as an executive in charge of product development, impact, and human factor design of the Navitent Platform.


Kim Golter
Social Impact Executive Advisor
As founder of Jeremiah's Promise, Inc, Kim has 20+ years of instilling life skills and career aptitude for transition-age foster & at-risk teens. She serves as Executive Director of Navitent's Social Impact Advisor Board.


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