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A MODEL EvideNced-Based, Cross-Discipline Collaboration for Resilient Organizational Change

Putting a Nation Back on Track
With today's social, workforce, economic, cultural, and technology speed of change and collision of interests, the challenges facing the nation have never been more perilous. The potential for significant harm from even the best well-intentioned concepts can lead to devastating unintended consequences like the Great Resignation. Right now, we have a tiny window yet immense opportunity to get things on the best track on which the nation has ever been. LeadingResiliency™ on Navitent is in the Engineers seat to drive the train.

Putting Technology Brawn behind Elegant Intelligence
LeadingResiliency™ is a cross-discipline action-driven "Achievement Tank."  A "think tank" simultaneously developing accessible work-product as extensible, transferrable Modules and standards for organizations to implement its brain product. LeadingResiliency™ puts those best intentions into sustainable, accessible, scalable, and transferrable processes, workflows, and repeatable behaviors. These components are delivered in a public/private revenue model eliminating cost barriers for social programs and returning significant dividends on investment, fueling future research and development.

EB Technology to Fulfill Societal Achievement. Are you in?
Making Accessible the Standards of High Reliability Organizations to Our Most Vital National Trusts
In 2021-2022 Social Justice, Social Impact, Healthcare, and Public Safety are the most crucial elements in the foundation of the Democratic Republic system. Cherishing the ideals of a level playing field, individual freedom, and equitable results of honest labor are equally critical. Yet, these elements are the most neglected by new technology and investment. The lack of support in these pillars leads to burnout, institutional knowledge loss, mass unrest, coarsening discourse, and mutual mistrust.

2022 LeadingResiliency™ Strategic Development Priorities
Workforce Resiliency
DEI, anti-cognitive biases, mental health Systems of Care, and frontline-expert-driven process improvement; we are developing modules for a new resiliency in the workforce through interactive engagement that reduces burdens and fatigue.
Knowledge Durability
Institutional knowledge is disappearing at an alarming rate through the reprioritization of interests around exigent need, privatization of traditional government functions, consolidation in industry, retirement, and mass resignation.
Universal Access & Transferability
Delays between identifying individuals and communities at-risk and the initial system-level care and appropriate response are dangerously too slow due to cultural, political, physical, knowledge, funding, and technology barriers.
LeadingResiliency™ Sponsorship's Role and Return
Thought Leaders with Macro Influence
Sponsors are experts in their fields proven by an accepted body of work in line with the LeadingResiliency™ charter.

In return for Sponsorship, LeadingResiliency™ Sponsors receive:
Custom GPS for Change™ Navitent Modules
Get Your Mission Done
Navitent uses best practices in operationalizing digital and online media assets into Navitent Content based on Client goals. Navitent will develop Sponsor GPS for Change™ Modules from converting these goals into Communities and step-by-step behavioral Navitents: i.e., "Navigation Content" in the form of evidence-based workflows, processes, methods, procedures, and actions that incorporate best practices.
Sponsor/Client Support and Implementations
Convert Key Clients
Navitent will supply the Sponsor and its designated DeeperIntel™ Clients with account fee waivers and support Sponsor's DeeperIntel™ Clients on the platform with training and operational support, including • Creating, Maintaining, Growing Communities • Community member management (Inviting, Messaging, Removing and Blocking) • Creating, Sharing, Sending to Followers •  Creating Elements • DeeperIntel™ Navitent and Community Tracking.
Advisory Participation & Module Revenue
Drive The Movement, Agenda & Technology
Sponsors have the opportunity to participate on the LeadingResiliency™ Strategic Initiative Advisory Board responsible for developing industry collaboration and harmonizing program development across all social pillars in a HumanChangeNetwork™ for social good.  The LeadingResiliency™ SIAB uses network-level evidence-based data to develop industry standards and guide platform feature improvement.
LeadingResiliency™ Partner's Role and Return
Partners are Experts in Implementing Sponsor Prescribed Change: Populating the A Platform for Change
LeadingResiliency™ Partners are stakeholders in Social Justice, Social Impact, Safety Culture, Healthcare, and Public Safety with micro influence and behavioral workflows, processes, or procedures in digital assets ready for conversion in direct support of the causes.

In return for Converting to Support the Cause, Partners receive:
Custom GPS for Change™ Navitents
Convert Your Mission for EB Achievement
Navitent creation, between 200 and 800, depending on development needed.  Content conversion can be done 1) As-Is with no modifications to the Partner's original content that is ready to be used in the Navitent template; 2) With Refinements includes logical, minor modifications to clarify and enhance the Partner's original content and help it fit within the Navitent template.; 3) With Customization includes significant modifications to optimize the Partner's original content and incorporate best practices for operationalizing content on the Navitent platform.  
Sponsor/Client Support and Implementations
Setup Training and Support
Navitent will supply Partners with account fee waivers and provide training and operational support, including • Creating, Maintaining, and Growing Communities • Community member management (Inviting, Messaging, Removing, and Blocking) • Creating, Sharing, Publishing, and Sending to Followers • Creating and Managing Revenue • DeeperIntel™ Navitent and Community Tracking.
LeadingResiliency™ Resource Role and Return
Resources Supply Key Logistical, Legal and Technologies that Support the Platform: Connecting the intangibles
In return for Converting to Support the Cause, Partners Receive Setup Training and Support
Navitent will supply Partners with account fee waivers and provide training and operational support, including • Creating, Maintaining, and Growing Communities • Community member management (Inviting, Messaging, Removing, and Blocking). • Creating, Sharing, Publishing, and Sending Navitents to Followers • Creating Elements as Resources.
LeadingResiliency™ InflectionTouchPoints™ (ITP) Role and Return
ITPs Are Trained LeadingResiliency Research Study Group Facilitators: Connecting the Tools to The Need
In return for Study Participation, ITPs Receive Setup Training and Support
Navitent will supply InflectionTouchpoints™ with account fee waivers and provide training and operational support, including • Virtual Mentoring • Creating, Maintaining, and Growing Communities • Community member Management (Inviting, Messaging, Removing and Blocking) • DeeperIntel™ Navitent and Community Tracking.