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Navitent, Inc,

Nov. 14, 2021

Navitent Compass

Navitent is an evidence-based platform and maintains best practices for the fidelity of its program outcomes.
An update a day ahead of our launch of DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice...

Press Release

On November 15, 2021, Navitent Launches A Self-Sustaining AI Model for Social Good


Company Seeks Partners for Innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Los Altos, CA November 11, 2021 – Navitent, a collaborative, scalable platform for the development and delivery of lasting and meaningful behavioral change, has announced the launch of its latest Navitent Utility model, DeeperEngaged™ - a series of synergistic social good modules. Starting on November 15, Navitent launches its first DeeperEngaged for Social Good vertical, “DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice at DeeperEngaged.com. Current users and enterprise clients will have access to an expanded suite of DeeperIntel™ SaaS services on Navitent.com, and on their domains, all centered on the power of social good and how to take social justice-focused work to the next level.

Read more: https://www.navitenthbia.com/press/deeperengaged-for-social-justice-0001

CribGrown shop is live and funding black programs!

CribGrownShop™ to Support Black Achievement!

Make your money count! In addition to funding the black artists featured on CribGrownShop.com, 70% of net sales go toward CribGrown™ for Social Justice programs.

Featured CribGrownArt™ Artist: Adaeze Regina Chukwuka

Adaeze (uh-DAY-zee) Chukwuka is a Stanford student and digital artist who spends her spare time crafting artistic social systems as a means of truly understanding the human experience. She enjoys writing, storyboarding, and illustrating. Support her art and our cause.

Visit: https://cribgrownshop.com

CribGrown™ GoFundMe Campaign is Live!

Fund Social Justice Through Achievement

“Social Justice is not just about ending systemic racism, it is also about changing lives and elevating those that have been the victim of injustice so that they can take their place of excellence in the arena of the American Dream.” - Haile Clay

Visit: https://gofund.me/10216e0e

LeadingResiliency™ 2022 is Getting Started


LeadingResiliency™ 2022 - Restoring a resilient workforce and correcting workforce bias that caused The Great Resignation
We are lining up an exciting and engaging list of speakers for a March 2022 conference.

Read more at: http://leadingresiliency.com

Featured Article - Fixing The Great Resignation


The Great Resignation Root Cause Analysis: The Problem Was 30 Years In The Making

We’ve all heard of the Great Depression, but now we are witnessing a brand-new phenomenon called the Great Resignation.  A staggering amount of people are quitting their jobs in droves and switching not only employers but, at times, entire career paths in record-breaking numbers. Job transitions alone increased by 54% year over year, with Gen Z taking the lead.  Gen Z’s are at an outstanding 80% in job transitions year over year. Next up are Millennials who are transitioning jobs at the second-highest rate, up by 50%, and lastly, Gen X following at 31%.  Suffice to say, our younger generations are no longer happy or satisfied with the status quo and are on a mission to change that.

Read more: https://www.navitenthbia.com/literature/the-great-resignation-hypotheses

Federal NIH Research Grants - Low Resource Mental Health Access, Equity and Case Transition


Navitent is an evidence-based platform. To that end, we are currently submitting grant proposals to the National Institutes of Health with for Mental Health Outcomes in Low Resourced Communities.

View Funding Descriptions: https://www.navitenthbia.com/federal-research/2021-22-proposals

New Social Media - Please Follow


Please follow our new LinkedIn Pages:

For Corporate (and affiliate pages HPIA and HBIA): https://www.linkedin.com/company/navitent

For DeeperEngaged™ (and affiliated pages for each social good pillar): https://www.linkedin.com/company/deeperengaged